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Saviez-vous qu'au Canada, pour acheter des fleurs médicinal ou de produire plus que 4 plantes, il vous faut un document médical signé par un médecin autorisé ?

Nous sommes conscients des difficultés que les patients peuvent rencontrer lorsqu'ils parlent de la plante médicinale à leurs médecins de famille…surtout au Québec. 


Depuis plus de 7 ans que nous sommes là pour vous aider à travers le processus d'obtenir la prescription du médecin et le certificat de production personnelle émis par Santé Canada.


Nos Forfaits «Tout-En-Un»

Veuillez choisir le forfait qui vous convient le mieux pour subvenir à vos besoins thérapeutiques.

Nos forfaits Zen


  • Prenez en considération que chaque bouture sera comptée dans le nombre de plantes autorisées. 


  • Vous avez l'option de produire soit:


- À l'intérieur

- À l'extérieur


- À l'intérieur et à l'extérieur


  • Vous pouvez modifier ou augmenter votre forfait selon vos besoins


Les plantes ne peuvent pas se retrouver aux deux endroits en même temps.

Image by Gio Bartlett
Question fréquente
  • How does our process online work?
    1. Choose the plan that meets your needs according to the number of plants you want. 2. Once you have chosen the plan, you can now fill out our registration form which can be found on the plan page OR press on the BECOME A MEMBER tab to begin the process. (We will be happy to fill out this form for you, simply contact us by email or by phone 514-534-0375) 3. At the end of the form, you will be redirected to the page to complete your payment. We accept payment by bank transfer (Interac) and credit cards. 4. Once the payment is completed, you will be redirected to the page with availability for making an appointment with the doctor. This discussion will take place by telephone only. 5. After your appointment with the doctor, you are officially a medical cannabis patient in Canada. 6. Within 2 weeks of your meeting, you will receive an envelope by mail from us which contains: - A detail sheet with step-by-step instructionsfollow - Your prescription (Medical document) - The pre-filled form to submit your personal production request to Health Canada You would have to sign the form and mail the envelope to the address indicated on the instruction sheet. 7. Send the envelope by express email then wait for the delays between 3 weeks to 4 months to receive your production certificate and start growing your plants legally!
  • Can I grow plants in my rented apartment or house without the landlord's consent?
    Yes, you have the right to apply to produce your plants in your home or in a house as a tenant. This means that if you have a lease in your name, you will be approved without any problem. And yes, without any consent or signature from the owner. However, if you choose to produce in another house or commercial building that you have no lease or it is not your usual residence, the agreement of the owner will be mandatory in this situation.
  • I don't have any medical documents or proof of diagnosis, am I eligible?"
    Yes, you are eligible! Whether you have a medical record or not, we are here to help you access the medical plant. It would be contradictory to make it mandatory. If you are a citizen of Quebec, for example, you may have an unrealistic wait time before receiving a copy of your records or your diagnosis from your healthcare professional.
  • What is the ACMPR Program?
    Dated 2001, the Access to this plant of the Cannabaceae family for Medical Purposes Regulations, or ACMPR, is the most recent set of regulations put in place by Health Canada. This aims to provide qualified patients with access to this safe, high quality medical herb. Under this regulation, patients are required to obtain a medical document from their doctor, which will serve as a prescription. When this medical document is obtained, a licensed producer may be selected to register as a patient. Otherwise, it will be possible to apply to grow your own plants, in order to obtain approval from Health Canada.
  • I have a criminal record related to the plant. Can I get my personal production license?
    Yes, no problem! Following your consultation with our doctor, you may be authorized to cultivate for your medical purposes.
  • How much cannabis am I allowed to store at home with a production certificate issued by Health Canada?
    New regulations remove personal storage limits for patients. Like any other Canadian adult, they can store as much cannabis as they want in their home. - Health Canada
  • Can I buy from a licensed grower and grow my own?
    Anyone with a valid Certificate of Registration will be able to access the Licensed Producer's supply “in the meantime” before they can harvest their produce. However, a copy of the registration certificate is required in order to register with ONE licensed producer. We strongly suggest discussing this with your doctor so that you can have two prescriptions: one to make a production request, and one to ensure a continuous and accessible supply of your medication during the wait time. The request can be long, so it's up to you and your doctor to discuss what would best meet your needs.
  • How many plants am I allowed to grow?
    Check our available packages. Grow from 25 to 463 indoor plants For those wishing to cultivate with a certificate of registration from Health Canada, patients are linked to the number of grams prescribed per day, using an equivalence ratio of the number of plants. It's easy to figure out how many plants Health Canada will allow you to grow: for every gram per day your doctor lists on the medical document, you can grow five indoor plants or two outdoor plants. Therefore, a person with a five-gram-per-day license can grow up to a maximum of 25 indoor plants.
  • Do I need to provide Health Canada with the original medical document (prescription) or is a copy acceptable to request production?
    You will need to provide an original medical document to Health Canada in order to register to cultivate. A copy of this document will not be accepted. Once your consultation is complete, you will receive your envelope from us with a very easy to follow instruction sheet!
  • Should I buy seeds or clones to start my crop?
    At this time, legally registered patients are only allowed to purchase seeds from authorized growers regulated by Health Canada. Some Licensed Cannabis Producers also sell clones or pre-germinated plants, being cut from a parent plant. Cloned plants are more expensive than seeds, but they are guaranteed to be female, given their perfect genetic copy of the parent plant. In addition, if you buy flowering products from a producer, you might be lucky enough to find our seeds in them!
  • How long does it take to receive my production certificate?
    The time to obtain your production certificate by mail from Health Canada is currently between 1 to 4 months.
  • Can I grow plants outside in the summer?
    Yes! When you complete your registration request with us, you will see the 3 options available to you and the number of plants for each of these options. Here is an example of our Zen 5 package Choose only one of these 3 options offered by Health Canada: Indoor plants only = 25 Exterior plants only = 10 Plants Partly indoors =19 and outdoors = 5 Important: If you choose to produce partly indoors and outdoors, the plants can be moved indoors to outdoors (and vice versa); however, plants cannot be grown indoors and outdoors at the same time
  • I need to do my renewal, do I need to have a phone consultation with the doctor every_8df6fbcc-43d3-3d99-a511-2eb009ed8y2d_years?"
    Yes, because the medical document (prescription) is valid for 12 months. So it is important to speak with the doctor again to update your file and make your renewal request with Health Canada
  • How many permits can you have per house or per address?
    You are entitled to have 4 production certificates per authorized address.
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